A day out at Bushy Park

While I was in Bushy park the Stags were getting amorous.

Lots of Stags running around like He-man chasing the females.  The females were getting quite skittish and I am pleased to have managed to get an action shot of two females running away with the stag chasing (see below).

Picture of Doe's running away from some Stags by Picupapicture.com

Doe’s running away from some Stags

At one time I was running around a tree trying to avoid getting too close, but it was difficult, because I seemed to be in the thick of it all.  In the end, I had to take refuge in a tree for a while, as the Stags were running around fighting each other, in a display of dominance, over who would get all the girls!

Picture of a Stag near a broken Tree by Picupapicture.com

It was me that broke the tree!

When the stags were bellowing, it was a very haunting sound and it would travel across the whole park, you will see on my pictures of a Stag’s head it is well back and mouth open, it’s just a shame you cannot capture sound in a picture. It was a deafening sound that’s for sure!

Picture of a Stag Bellowing by Picupapicture.com

A Stag Bellows to call his mate

There will be some more pictures from Bushy Park in the gallery and in the shop for you to purchase in the coming days, once I have chosen my favourite images.

I did get nervous with all the Stags roaming around, but felt it was worth it. There were quite a few visitors around whilst I was there and I would suggest that if you ever get the chance to go and visit Bushy Park, I believe you will enjoy it.

I hope you enjoy the pictures I have taken and that you continue to enjoy them as much as I have in taking them.

Stay tuned for our next blog!