Debra Ottewell

Wildlife & Landscape Photographer

All About Debra

 When I was young, my father set me on the road to loving nature.

We used to go walking in the parks and woods in the area, where I lived with my two brothers.

Together, we used to scrump apples, go berry and nut collecting in the autumn months.

I loved it being outdoors, even with all the little insects buzzing around and seeing the big Deer in the park.

Then once a year, we would head off to have some great adventures (usually around the summer holidays), we would go camping or caravaning.

Over the years, Dad took us all around England, so we managed to see quite a lot of the scenery around our beautiful country and we managed to do a lot of activities.

Debra In Action!
A Box Brownie Camera Similar to one I owned.

After my Grandfather passed away, I was given his old “Box Brownie” Camera!

I was always looking for something to photograph with it.

Due to my passion for photography, I ended up going to Richmond College to study, Photography with Film and Processing Prints.

It is only in the last few years that I have taken up photography again, but this time, I am using a digital Camera!

I love it! No more film to buy or messy printing!

Since moving to Scaborough, I am always itching to get out and about with my camera.
There is so much to see and with the beauty around me, I find it difficult to put down the camera.

 I hope you are able to take the time to look at my gallery and enjoy it as much as I enjoy taking the images for you.

If you can, please purchase your favorite images from my shop, this will allow me to continue taking beautiful images for you.

You can see some of my latest images below!

Debra relaxing after a hard day of photography.

My recent work